Doing the Intel so You can Sell

The Intelligent Agent AI cloud platform streamlines the tedious work of researching, presenting, and applying for insurance products for you and your clients, allowing you to focus on what you do best: serving your clients and scaling your business.

First Mobile Interactive Point-of-sale System

Intelligent Agent (IA) is the first mobile interactive point-of-sale system (iPoS) that uses artificial intelligence to optimize the sales process for brokers, agents, and customers, whilst ensuring consistency, and accuracy, and compliance across sales channels, improving efficiency and increasing sales.

AI Assisted Software to Smash Your Sales Results

Intelligent Agent’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven cloud platform knows what you need, when you need it, and how you need it in order to present the most appropriate and eligible products to your customer and close a sale. It’s intelligent, so it gets to know your customers, what products they’re likely to purchase, and what else they might be interested in.

Intelligent Agent will assist you in analysing and selecting the appropriate coverage, completing applications, including e-signing, and submitting electronic payments, saving time and money, whilst automatically tracking sales performance, so you can smash your sales.


A major life insurance carriers that introduced iPoS to create paperless insurance submissions says:

Imagine how you could improve your client’s overall satisfaction with the process, and more importantly with you, by knowing their emotional reaction...

Artificial Intelligence helps optimize each sales engagement so the client’s time is focused on education and decisions rather than on trying to determine eligibility for and the process. This saves client’s time and makes them more confident and satisfied with you. A more satisfied client results in increased sales and referrals.


You sell more, your customers are more satisfied and become your clients, your costs reduce, and your net revenue increases dramatically.

Now that’s intelligent.
Happy client

How much can IA increase your revenue?

10%, 25%, 50% or more?

Scale your Agency Network

Imagine being able to control and monitor all your sales agents and being able to offer 24/7 training and sales coaching without needing to be present.

Switchable settings allow you to change between ‘Agent Assist’, ‘Self Enroll’ or ‘Training Mode’, and the sales scripts, layout and prompts will change to match the setting.

Compliance & Data Accuracy

Significant cost savings with 100% compliant and accurate applications, completed more efficiently and quicker.

Cutting down time
Cutting down time, paper

Cut down the time needed to find and complete and get approval for policy applications. The inbuilt library has up to date forms, sales and product guidance and prices. No need for heavy laptops, stacks of forms, brochures and rate tables. Pre-loaded client information (or census data) can be used to help agents identify suitable products based on age, gender, price, income or demography, and explain why these products are suitable.

Centralize data, reporting

All data is encrypted, centralized and accessible to provide ‘real time’ reporting on sales channel performance and compliance.