IA is a cloud based software solution that works on all devices with one objective – to increase your sales and turn your customers into long term and valuable clients with less effort and less cost.

The key to increased sales is understanding your clients better, identifying sales opportunities quicker, and presenting information in a way that is most likely to result in a sale.

Data analytics are all very well, but unless they can be acted upon immediately their value is greatly diminished. In sales terms that’s equivalent to looking at the ‘black box’ flight recorder after the plane has crashed. In today’s world that’s no longer good enough- you will loose customers and sales.

IA solves this by constantly monitoring and reacting to ‘real time’ behavioral data 24/7, using AI to optimize every sales engagement across your sales teams and customers, whether agent assisted or self-service. As it gathers data it learns more and gets smarter so your sales and customer engagement process continuously improves.

Now that’s smart!


The Closed Loop Member Engagement Ecosystem

You can't fully understand your customers or your agents unless you monitor and measure every interaction. IA does this for you, and learns how to use this information to help you sell more.

Reporting & Analytics

IA allows you to monitor and report on virtually everything, from sales by agent, product, geography, as well as customer interactions, behaviour, sales times per product, bottlenecks etc. to constantly learn and improve.